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From Constance around the island of Reichenau (Lake Constance)

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  • St. Georg Reichenau
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Map / From Constance around the island of Reichenau (Lake Constance)
150 300 450 600 750 m km 5 10 15 20 25 Georgskirche in Reichenau-Oberzell Gemüsepavillon Insel Reichenau Münster St. Maria und Markus/Kräutergarten Strabos Kräutergarten Stiftskirche St. Peter und Paul FreizeitCenter Reichenau Aussichtspunkt Hochwart Konstanz

On this beautiful tour we cycle once around the famous vegetable island Reichenau. We pass some churches worth seeing, can buy fresh fruit and vegetables and go swimming in Lake Constance.
27.8 km
2:10 h
27 m
27 m
We start our tour at the Rhine bridge in Constance. From here we first pass through the suburbs of Constance before reaching the Reichenauer Damm. On this promontory, which leads to the island, there is a lot going on in the warm months - from hikers to inline skaters to cyclists of all kinds.The Reichenau is the largest island in Lake Constance and also known as Vegetable or Fruit Island, because here you can buy very good products directly from the farmer. Often there is a small fruit or vegetable stand along the roadside with an abandoned cash register where the honesty of the buyers is paramount.Besides the vegetable fields, it is the churches that made Reichenau famous. The close connection between religion and vegetables on the island became clear as early as 840, when Abbot Walahfried Strabo wrote the teaching poem "Hortulus" about horticulture. On our tour we can visit e.g. the small St. Georgskirche shortly behind the island entrance. Even if it looks a bit inconspicuous from the outside, we can see the most important murals of the island and the whole region in its interior. Countless scenes from the New Testament are depicted there in the style of Ottonian book illumination.We continue through flower-strewn areas while enjoying wonderful views over Lake Constance. In between we can have a break in a cosy café and take a bath next to the campsite.

Author’s recommendation

If we have enough time, we should stay at the bathing area until sunset, which creates a very romantic atmosphere. User
Andrea Dobinsky
Updated: 2018-08-09

419 m
394 m
Best time of year


Eat, drink, if necessary rain protection, if necessary backpack/pouches for vegetable or fruit shopping


Rheinbrücke Konstanz (396 m)
47.666932, 9.179088
32T 513444 5279297

Turn-by-turn directions

We start our tour at the Rhine bridge in Constance. From here we cycle in western direction along the Spanierstraße and can catch a glimpse of the Rhine from time to time. Otherwise, the first part of the trail leads us through urban areas until we reach the island of Reichenau. The Spanierstraße changes into the Reichenaustraße, which we follow to the entrance of the island. In some places the path can become a bit confusing at large crossroads and construction sites, but basically it always leads straight ahead. As the Reichenaustraße in the industrial area widens, we find a cycle path to the left of the road. On the left hand side a beautiful avenue dam leads to the island of Reichenau.

We cycle straight ahead on the main road (Priminstraße) and then turn right into Seestraße. Already from a distance we recognize the small St. George's Church, into which we should take a look. The Seestraße makes a left turn in its further course and leads us very close to the shore. The many flower-laden colourful gardens of the very well-kept houses are striking - and one almost feels the impression of a beautifully laid out film set. After a while we turn left into Hermannus-Contractus-Straße and then diagonally left into Schulstraße. At the next crossroads, turn left onto Wittigowostraße, turn right into Spitzgasse, take the broad Abt-Berno-Straße for a short distance and immediately turn right into Riedstraße. On Niederzeller Straße in an easterly direction we reach one of the tips of the island. Here we can take a short break and enjoy the view of the lake.

Then we cycle back on Niederzeller Straße and continue straight ahead, ignoring all the roads for a very long time until we can follow a sign to the right towards the campsite (Niederzeller Straße is called "Zum Sandseele" there by the way). Here we should not miss to go for a swim in Lake Constance. Afterwards we drive back on the same way and come back to the road "Zum Sandseele". We turn right and follow the road. After a gentle left turn, the street name changes to "Untere Rheinstraße". At the large crossroads turn right into "Obere Rheinstraße", on which we drive to the dam.

We cycle back to the mainland and continue straight ahead on Kindlebildstraße, then turn right into Fürstenbergstraße, which in its course becomes Wollmatinger Straße. After a long right turn we pass Zähringer Platz and finally reach Theodor-Heuss-Straße, which then meets Mainaustraße and brings us back to our starting point, the Rhine bridge.

Public transport

Public transport friendly

By train to Constance.

Getting there

B98 to exit Kreuz Hegau, continue on the country road to Constance


There are signposted parking spaces in Constance
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Comments and ratings (3)

Luisa Kl
Sehr schöne Tour für zwischendurch! Gut machbar in 2 Stunden. Sobald man den Stadtverkehr hinter sich hat beginnt ein toller Weg auf dem Damm zur Reichenau. Auf der Insel wird größtenteils auf Radwegen gefahren, nur wenige male auf der Straße. Super Tour für Einsteiger und Familien!
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Claudia Kocher-Hülsmann
Ausser dem Teil auf der Reichenau ist Tour nicht besonders schön...

Kat Sar
Sehr schöne Tour! In Konstanz kann man sich für 13€ ein Fahrrad ausleihen, wer braucht.

27.8 km
2:10 h
27 m
27 m
Public transport friendly Loop Scenic With refreshment stops Family friendly Cultural/historical value


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